Everybody should have one! Or at least every workplace should. A floor mat prevents you from getting tired after hours of standing? Keep reading to find out more about what it is, why it is a fantastic idea, and what type to get if you decide you need one for yourself. Anti-fatigue floor mats have really been made to provide greater comfort to employees who need to stand for long times at work. That can be exhausting, and naturally, fatigue impacts productivity together with the well-being of the workers.

So someone came up with the idea to Experimentation with floor matting and voila! The esd safe anti-fatigue mat was created. And they are easy enough to come by too. Any industrial supply store should have them, or at any shop that stocks workplace safety gear. They are especially popular for Hospitals, kitchens, and industrial flooring. But there are quite a few other kinds of work settings that may benefit greatly from supplying them for their workers, from shops to fast food restaurants.

anti-fatigue mats

So what exactly do these mats do? They promote employee wellness. With that, they make workers more productive and boost their morale.

And they achieve everything by doing the following:

  • they reduce exposure to heat, cold, and vibration
  • they reduce spinal compression
  • they increase circulation
  • and most importantly: they reduce back, leg, foot, and ankle fatigue

What should you look for when searching for anti-fatigue mats? Make sure that they are user-friendly. They should not weigh much and be simple to clean. They should also have particular no-slip features, thereby improving workplace safety even more. Of course, they should be Non-allergenic, which largely means, they ought to be latex and silicone free. And do not forget to check for the NFSI seal of approval.

You can imagine that they are not as cheap as your normal floor mat. But of course they do much more. And they will last for years, 3 to 8 years typically. And should they wear out quicker than that, most producers will replace them at no cost. Make certain to ask about that before you purchase. And considering that many of these will be utilized in industrial settings, they generally are resistant to chemicals and are not influenced by commonly used bleaches, acids, and other substances.