Maplestory – Free MMORPG Game

Published / by Gary

If you intend role playing the bowman well, you should first understand that the bowman class is more difficult than the others. Even though the bows are faster, one must remember that bows do far less damage as opposed to the other weapons. With that being said, I’m sure you will be able to advance far quicker with these bowman tips. Firstly if you acknowledge Maplestory bowman tips as well as the pros this will stand you in good stead. Just by being an archer you will be awarded with many opportunities and fancy skills especially when you become a ranger and sniper. The archer also has the highest accuracy in the game. During the second stage you will get soul arrows which will allow for more space saving for more pots. By this stage you will have developed good mobbing skills as you can shoot your arrows long range which stands you in good stead for bossing and you have the highest armor of all the ranged classes.

maplestory 2 gameplayHowever be aware that the bowmen has low health and can be hit and killed by monsters on higher levels and you are confirmed the least popular in this aspect. You will also be unstable damage until you reach your mastery in the second job. Remember to always keep a weapon with you in case an emergency should arise and for an archer that has no mesos the best thing would be to do a critical shot first followed by a double shot. Once you have survived and reached level 30 you return to Henesys and Athena Pierce will guide you to your second job instructor. You will be directed to an ant tunnel where the evil eyes and strong orange mushrooms roam and for this journey you will need accessories such as potions.

In maplestory 2 tips needs to be adhered to with regards to training as you should never use a normal attack only use double shot which will help you to advance quickly and always keep plenty of manna potions with you. Always only use iron arrows or bomb arrows to control the mobs. If you need to save money then only use soul arrows and make sure you have around two thousand arrows at a time. Make sure you stay a good distance away from your enemies and instead of bow whacking use power knock back as this is a useful skill once mastered. Remember prepare the bowmen for training and follow the Maplestory bowman tips so that you can master the art of archery.